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About The Competition

In 5 editions the competition grew into one of the most leading clarinet competition in the world.

Our History

IMP organized the 1st International Clarinet Competition in Kortrijk in 2010. During the 1st edition of the competition the candidates had to compete in 4 round with in the semi final chamber music (with the Lithuanian Ciurlionis Stringquartet) and in the final performing with orchestra (Brussels Philharmonic). For this first edition, 125 candidates were accepted, from five different continents.

In January 2013 the 2nd International Clarinet Competition combined with the 3rd European Clarinet Festival took place in Ghent. Because of the huge succes of the 1st edition of the competition we moved the organization to Ghent.
Once again a renowned jury was assembled (including Stanley Drucker of New York Philharmonic and Yuan Yuan of the Central Conservatory of Music Beijing) and there were 125 clarinetists selected.

2015 was the year of the 3rd International Clarinet Competition Ghent and the 5th European ClarinetFestival Ghent.

The 3rd International Clarinet Competition Ghent focused, just like in 2010 and 2013, on the absolute international top of clarinetists up to 35 years old. Several candidates were associated with important ones symphony orchestras, others were laureates of important international competitions. There were 110
candidates admitted.

The final was organized in 2 parts:

  • Chamber music with the Ciurlionis Stringquartet
  • Solo concert with the Brussels Philharmonic (conducted by clarinetist-conductor António Saiote). The candidates performed one of von Weber’s two concertos and Concert Piece written by the Flemish composer André Laporte. This Concert Piece was special composed for the final.

The 4th International Clarinet Competition Ghent was organized in April 2017. During the semi final candidates had to perform ‘Landschappen VII’ by Wilfried Westerlinck together with the Ciurlionis Stringquartet. This new piece was specially written for the competition.

Because of the succes of the competition IMP decided to work from now on with a preselection. The 5th International Clarinet Competition Ghent was part of the ‘Van Eyck year’ in the City of Ghent. For the selection round , the semi-final and final round there are works included that are inspired by ‘het LAM GODS’ by Jan Van Eyck.


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Meet the Team behind the Competition

Our Team

  • Artistic Director
    Eddy Vanoosthuyse is one of the most respected clarinetists of his generation.  This is confirmed by the fact that in 2018 the International Clarinet…
  • Administrative Director
    Belgian clarinetist Severine Sierens studied at the Luca School of Arts, the Royal Conservatories of Ghent and Liège and the Fontys School of Fine…
  • Treasurer
    under construction

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